Bodylastics flat bands are made with the highest quality Malaysian latex for the most incredible and satisfying stretchability and feel:



Malysian Latex Trees

100% Premiere Quality Malaysian Latex

Believe it or not there IS a difference when it comes to the elasticity of flat bands. If the latex is sub par quality or cut with plastics, not only will the elasticity not be optimal, but the bands will not maintain their length. They will simply lose their elasticity and get stretched out. Bodylastics ONLY uses the highest quality Malaysian latex to insure that your workouts are the most satisfying that they can be. The stretch profile for our flat bands for many exercises can even feel better than Tube bands. Use these by themselves or add them to your elastic arsenal.


Perfect Flat Band Length

Bodylastics Flat bands are the perfect length to enable you to perform the best exercises without too much extra length to get in your way. Each band is 60 inches long. Do amazing exercises for rehab, muscle building and body toning.

Bodylastics Flat band Length


Bodylastics Flat Resistance Bands Levels of Tension

Multiple Levels Of Resistance

Every Bodylastics Flat band set comes with multiple levels of tension to properly challenge every muscle group. Work your muscles with a 1 Yellow Band (4 lbs.), 1 Green Band (6 lbs.), 1 Red Band (9 lbs.) and 1 Blue Band (13 lbs.). Use them individually or combine them to push your muscles and achieve better results.

Top Rated Door Anchor

Flat bands are great by themselves, HOWEVER, they become exponentially more effectively when you add this versatile component. The Bodylastics door anchor safely and gently secures your bands to one of the strongest anchor points in your house: your doors. It is designed to be gentle on your door and gentle on your bands. Quickly and easily create the best exercises from the gym and beyond. No Limits!

Flat Resistance Bands Door Anchor
Flat Resistance Bands App

FREE Instructional IOS/Android App

What's a great product without a great guide to show you how to use it? If Bodylastics delivers your bands and then they just sit there, then we have failed as a company. That's why we created an amazing FREE app (IOS and Android) with Tons of exercises that can be performed with your flat resistance bands.